Farmhouse Tour: Exterior – Winter 2013/14

Hello and might I add, brrrrr.

I decided to pick the absolute coldest day to go outside and capture some pictures around the farm. The sun was deceiving useless.

While I thaw, take a look around the place! The farm encompasses a little over 3 acres and has the main house, a stable, a small shed and a barn (more like a workshop).

Here she is. It was love at first sight.



Whenever Jay and I would talk about how we’d envision our dream houses, the exterior aesthetic was always the same – a white house with black french doors and a wrap around porch. Obviously this fit the bill.


The drive leading up to the farm


Front entrance and a Stonewall. The planters are existing from previous owner and will likely get a makeover in the Spring.


Front view from the “driveway”. There is no garage making having a clean car a unique (impossible) challenge.


Front view from gated pasture.


Stable, shed and barn view from pasture.


View of what we assume was a carriage port. This poor guy needs a lot of love!


A doorbell of sorts outside the main gate.


Juuuust wanted to document how ridiculously cold it is. Sorry, birds.


Side garden. Primarily shade so will have to plan and plant accordingly in the Spring.


Previous owners left an antique plow. Not sure if it was intentional, but we accepted the gift nonetheless.


Front view of carriage port. Jay would like to eventually turn this into a car port.


Ginormous Oak


Stable and small shed


View of the barn which is currently being used as our basement, attic and workshop


The back of our house is currently construction zone as we rebuild the deck. More to come on that!


View inside the 4 stall stable. The previous owner left us a ton of reclaimed wood which is currently being stored in here. Will be awhile before any animals get to call this spot home as it needs some work (and we need to figure out how to take care of livestock!)


A little relic in the stable via Alma


See that pile of rocks? Yeah, those were what was keeping up part of our house when we moved in. We promptly addressed that issue with a proper foundation and hope to repurpose those rocks on the outdoor fireplace that’ll be on the main deck.

                        Hope you enjoyed looking around the grounds! These photos are all I could take before my hands froze around my camera. Check back soon as we go inside (thank God)…


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