Farmhouse Tour: The Entryway

Haaaappy most depressing day of the year (seriously, it’s a fact. Kathy Lee and Hoda told me so this morning)! The first full week back to work for you corporate folks. The kids seem to have gotten a belated present by having school cancelled due to freezing temperatures. For me, though, it’s just another (chilly) Monday!

Enough about the frozen tundra that is Georgia, lets go inside!

ImageI thought the entryway should be entitled to its very own post since it is the inspiration for this tiny little blog’s title. Look at all of this board and batten! The feel of this room is exactly how we wanted our new home to feel.

ImageThe room, like most in the house, is still very much a work in progress.


Our ‘family tree’ and a boot tray are all that occupy this lonely wall for the moment.



We have sketches of our previous homes as a nostalgic nod to our short past. This was our very first house in Decatur, Georgia.


Y’all. Get a load of this bench! If you can believe it, this was found (in a sad, dusty condition) in the loft above the stable. Jay whipped up homemade furniture oil (recipe to come) to bring some life back to the wood. We then will just have to reupholster the seats. Love this find!

Hope everyone survives today! Stay bundled up and thanks for stopping by!


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