Farmhouse Tour: The Sitting Room (Parlor? Library?)

The Polar Vortex is gone and we can all now go back to not eating milk sandwiches. I never have understood that – why are the two most perishable items the first to disappear at stores? We were comparably unscathed here at the farm except for when our gate was temporarily frozen and we had no hot water for a few hours. Very temporary, but very stressful.

Anyways, welcome back! Earlier this week I shared some images of our entryway. Now we enter the….well, we aren’t sure what this room is called. Sitting room? Parlor? Library? We’ve dubbed it ‘the heart of the house’ because it sits right in the middle of the floor plan. It is a part of the original 1875 structure, giving it loads of character in the wood. Thanks to it’s cozy location, there isn’t much natural light in this room (making this amateur photographer’s images hard to capture!)ImageA lot of the furniture in this room houses wonderful hand-me-downs thanks to family. Not sure what is coming or going yet, but happy to have things in here to keep the room company for awhile.


Two bookshelves flank the fireplace to hold some of our most favorite books and trinkets.



Oh hey…that’s just our internet receiver in the corner all exposed. Move along…


Jay’s favorite thing in the ENTIRE house. The threshold between the entryway and sitting room. So much history – would love to know the many people that have walked on this guy to give it it’s grooves.


We turned a secretary that is a family heirloom into a place to store Jay’s scotch and bourbon collection.


Secretary detail.



Maybe we should call it the trophy room. The Hard Labor Cup (is that even right, Jay?) proudly sits in this room. Re Peach!


ImageImageImageSo, any thoughts on what the proper name of this room should be? Also, Board & Batten is on Facebook so be sure to like the page if you want an easy way to get updates! I’m, of course, also on Pinterest!


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