Farmhouse Tour: Guest Room, First Floor Bath and Office

Hello and happy Monday!

We’ll be wrapping up the house tour this week! I’m pretty excited about that because, as it turns out, this little house tour exposes a lot of my insecurities of showing my nest unfinished and unstyled (my lack of photo resources isn’t helping, either). But, you have to start somewhere and it just wouldn’t be the truth if this all looked perfect. And on that note, shall we?


We’re not sure what this room used to be, but because of the ceiling line (original roof line) and the boarded off window, we think this was either part of the 1875 structure or the 1920’s addition.


Clawfoot tub detail. Looooove this guy!


No one has taken a shower in here yet, but the tub is great! That board is a little piece Jay through together so I have a place for my wine 🙂


Little foyer to laundry room, bath and office with built-in


Come for a visit!


View from guest terrace


Chocolates and carafes – guest room necessities, of course.


Oh, hey E!


B+B and Morrow Studio headquarters! 🙂
Can’t wait to give this space some love. Think it will only take a few quick DIYs to get there.


Birds eye view


Craft hutch


This hutch was the first piece of furniture my parent’s ever owned, making it a super special addition to the room. We called it the ‘candle hutch’ growing up because my mom would store her dozens (if not hundreds) of seasonal candles in it.


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