Farmhouse Tour: The Bedrooms

Hello and welcome to the last stop on the house tour! I’ve been saving this post for last because, well, I’ve dreaded it. The bedrooms, in my opinion, need the most love. Thankfully most of it is aesthetic and not structural, so it’ll just take time and a budget to get there.

You walk up the stairs (PS – obsessed with the emergency room visit waiting to happen staircase) to a nice little foyer. I’d love to get some quirky wall paper up on the foyer walls! More on that later. Then there is a playroom, Edith’s room and our ‘suite’…



The playroom is a hodge podge of a room. It hasn’t really taken a direction yet. It’s a little too colorful for my taste, even as a playroom. It does have a loft (BOTH kid rooms have a loft = coolest parents ever).


And a pretty great view of the front pasture…

ImageThere’s also a nice little hall bathroom.


Edith’s room breaks my heart. In our last house (as seen on The Curtis Casa), her room was my absolute favorite. Peaceful, fresh and sweet. This room, however, isn’t that…or at least not yet. She has a small hallway with a mirrored closet (girlfriend looooves it, mom hates it) which leads into her super green room and bathroom. My greige personality just can’t handle the green. The previous owner left some killer dupioni silk curtains, but they are a tease because they were left on a cheap rod so opening and closing them is a task that slowly chips away at my sanity.



There was a built-in desk that we already tore out, hence the awesome two toned look we have going on here.


While spacious, her bathroom is totally awkward with cheap cabinetry. And it too is green. So, so green.


Here’s a jackpot though -under her carpet are some pretty great hardwoods!


Our bedroom has a ‘sitting room’ with some built ins and a balcony (currently under construction) to overlook the backyard. think we’ll make this into an addition ‘den’ style living room with more seating so we have a place to huddle as a family if we want to be upstairs. For now, though, it’s apparently Huckleberry’s bedroom.


ImageImageThis wall might as well be that living room wall. It’s so sad looking! It’s a large wall and I’m not quite sure what to do with it just yet. ImageImageImageImage

Stained glass on our medicine and towel cabinets add some welcomed character.


Well, that’s the most of it! Now we know what we’re working with – the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for following along so far! Also, special shout out to my tour assistant, Edith:



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