Painted French Doors

Hope y’all had a long, enjoyable weekend! We worked feverishly trying to finish up the laundry room construction (updates to come!), had dinner with friends and started to sort out some quick ways to apply some character onto our blanker canvases.

That brings us into the living room. You may have noticed on the house tour that the living/dining room is one looooong white room. We have a double set of french doors that lead out onto the deck that we think, if painted, could serve as almost a period at the end of the proverbial sentence that is the room. As a refresh, here’s the room currently:


Here were some images I found via Pinterest that served as inspiration:


via Finding Fabulous Blog


via Aesthetically Thinking


via Country Living

I think it’ll do the trick, don’t you? So, I did what any responsible and patient person would do and quickly went to Home Depot without doing much research on color schemes and picked out I thought would work from memory. Whoops. ImageImage

Way too dark! I was hoping for a french gray-ish, but this is more like a dark mushroom. I don’t necessarily want the doors to demand attention like they would in this dark of a color. Like the Country Living image above, I want them to bring a polished warmth. So, back to the drawing board on the color. We might just desaturate the above to 75% and see where that gets us. We’ll also get some new door hardware and am really loving all things Baldwin, like this guy: Image Hopefully we’ll find the right color/hardware combo in the next couple of weeks as I’m itching to get something started in that room!

Also, because I’m so excited, here’s a sneak peak at the progress on the DIY encasement in the laundry room. Jay’s been working hard and it’s starting to really pay off!



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