Wednesday Inspiration: Folk Fibers

Hello, friends!

I thought it would be fun to share artists, projects, sites and imagery that I find inspiring at least once a week – and what better day to do that than Wednesdays? (Trying very hard to not quote the Geico camel right now…)

logoIf you haven’t heard of Folk Fibers yet, you’re welcome. These amazing, hand-stitched, naturally-dyed quilts are the creation of fellow SCAD alum, Maura Grace Ambrose. Her passion for textiles really shines through in her work, and, in my opinion, successfully captures an essence of Americana through such a seemingly simple medium. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Beautiful. I’m not the only one who thinks she is pretty legit. Ambrose received the the 2013 American Made honoree award from Martha Stewart. MARTHA. STEWART. So, if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece or just want to daydream about bundling up in one of these masterpieces, enjoy!

(All images are from her online shop – check it out!)

idaho-top-clear_grande georgia-front-page_grandeFront-Page-Diamond-Cabin_grande Front-Page-Red-Crossing_grande white-131102_SDG182743_grande Front-Page-Jackson-Star_grande


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