Scenes from the week…

Happy Friday! This week sure did fly by! I find that short work weeks are more stressful because you’re really just cramming 5 days of work into 4. Anyone agree? Per usual, we kept busy ’round the clock here at the farm. Here are some scenes from the week:

I wrote a post about painting the french doors the wrong color. Sure do hope I get motivated to find the right color because this isn’t the most polished look for our living room…


I had a super rewarding week ‘at’ work last week so I decided to treat myself with some personalized pencils for my desk. While I thought about branching out and getting a bold color, I kept is classic with my current obsession of black and brass. I also got a tiny succulent friend to keep my client book company.


As I mentioned, we decided on Wednesday at about 8pm that we should paint the office. Some of you joined in on the fun via Instagram (#shamelessplugtofollowme) Since I spend a lot of my non baby time in here, it quickly jumped to the top of the makeover list. I’ll do a full post on it next week, but I kept the black and brass theme going. So far, I love it! Except for that right now everything is in shambles…


I hope y’all enjoy your weekend! We’ll be finishing up the office and laundry room. Busy, busy!


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