Paint It Black (the office, that is!)

Snowmaggedon (ahem, we’re supposed to get a whole INCH!) is creeping its way to the farm today. While we eagerly await it, I’m bundled up in my freshly painted office!

I’ve been going back on forth on the color for the room since the beginning. First it was all white, then it was grey, then it was a dusty, brownish plum a la this inspiration photo:



I was pretty sold on that palette until we got swatches up and I just wasn’t in love with it like I thought I would be.


whomp whomp.

Then, like a brick, the obvious choice hit us. Why not go with the most classic of all choices – black! So then it was only going to be the accent wall, and then it was just three walls and then…well, you get it. We were so excited about this decision that we started painting at around 8pm on Wednesday evening. Well, Jay started painting. I pinned online and, as he affectionately put it, ‘back seat painted’. Whoops. Sorry about that. But hey, I wasn’t just playfully pinning – I was doing some very important research on other black painted offices:


via Art and Lair




via Christopher Thomasson

So now I have a rich, black office and am loving it! It really grounds the pine hutch and gray painted desk. We left the trim white since the room is small (it does thankfully have three windows so plenty of natural light). We also painted it in flat to give a softer feel.

Here’s a little sneak peek. I don’t want to give too many details away because there are little accents we’re still working on (more to come on those!)



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