Room Makeover: The Office

Hello! So far, I’ve kicked Tuesday’s butt: toured and registered at Edith’s preschool, took her to the doctor’s office (diagnosis: croup. Whomp.) and met a work deadline with hours to spare. AND I’ve showered. AND I’ve eaten lunch. Is it bedtime yet? Happy hour, at least?

Moving right along, I’ve been sharing the process of my fancy new office makeover and am pleased to share the progress!

As a refresh, the office was a sad little room with scuffed walls and zero character when we first moved in:

Office1 Office2 Office3

Once the inspiration process got going, I got more and more excited about my little nook of the house! We ended up going with a classic flat black wall with white trim. The pine hutch and gray desk were grounded nicely against such a rich backdrop!

And y’all. Just LOOK at this light fixture we found in the barn! I’m starting to think that barn is a magic lamp. First the foyer bench and now this guy. PS – If I find you outside the barn shouting things you wish for at it, I’m calling the cops.

Here’s the lamp before it was cleaned up and rewired:


I think it looks pretty rad against the black! Here she is in her new space:


officeupdate1 officeupdate3 officeupdate4

I am SO pleased with the outcome so far! Sure, we have to do window treatments eventually and collect some art for the walls, but all in due time. The coolest part? This makeover cost UNDER $50. Seriously.

Hope the beginning of the week hasn’t been too brutal for you. Check back soon as I’ll share a step-by-step of the light fixture repair which will in turn allow you to turn almost anything into a light fixture!



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