Tips for Year One

It’s Birthday Week for Edith!! So, so bittersweet. All of the cliche sayings like, “I can’t believe how quickly it goes by” are ringing true.

This milestone has got me reflecting on things that worked, didn’t work and what I’ll want to try for the next round. Obviously I am no expert, but I thought I would share my top 5 observations just in case there are any nuggets that could be useful to the next new mom. Also, it’s an excuse for me to post pictures of my cute baby.

1. Don’t buy anything other than onesies for months 0-3. Likely unrealistic because items such as miniature blazers with elbow patches and ruffled dresses (or in my case, bathing suits with tutus) are insanely adorable and must be purchased. Unfortunately, some of Edith’s most precious outfits in this size were left in tags because you’re literally just doing tummy time, hanging around the house and trying to stay awake during this age. Also, you’re changing diapers like every 3 hours. Make it easier on yourself.

2. ROUTINE. While we never, ever, ever mastered a schedule, we could all find peace in a routine. In the beginning it was eat, play, sleep. We’d put her in her crib awake for all naps, sing her the same song and crank up that white noise machine. I think the predictability of this built her trust in us and I credit her being a great sleeper to this practice.

3. Build a community of moms with similar aged children. It’s great to be able to ask questions, advice or just vent with people in the same boat as you. While you shouldn’t discount the advice from those with children older than yours, I’m quickly realizing how much you forget about the previous stage once you’ve moved onto the next stage.

4. Take lots of pictures and videos (duh)…but then organize them in real-time. I did great at that first part, not so great with that second part. I’m now trying to scramble and remember what happened when as I make a photo book for her first year. For the next go around I’ll be sure to take a little time each week to sort out photos, make captions, etc.

5. And finally, relax and be thankful. People have been doing parenthood forever. It’s a natural design and people with far, far less resources are doing it well everyday. Enjoy this. It does go fast. You’ve been entrusted with a miracle – a true, tangible miracle. Anytime you want to be bummed about how tired you are (guilty) or that your body will never be the same (guilty) or that you haven’t seen a movie in theatres in over a year (guilty) – just remember that moment – the moment the test turned positive, or when you got your referral, or met him/her for the first time and just sit in the gratefulness you surely have…while downing a cup of coffee…in yoga pants…renting last summer’s blockbuster movie.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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