Weekly Inspiration: Shade Gardens

See what I did there? Wednesday Inspiration is now Weekly Inspiration so I don’t feel so behind for not posting ON Wednesdays. Turns out self imposed deadlines aren’t my thing. Moving right along…

So last week the farm was a land of frozen tundra and a terrifyingly large possum (if you follow my personal Instagram, you would have witnessed me freaking out in real-time). This week, it is sunny with a high in the low 70’s. I can’t keep up. This warmer change for the better has turned my focus outdoors and I can’t stop thinking about the landscape. We obviously won’t do too much in the pastures, but there are a few spots around the house that could use some TLC. One in particular is our little side yard.

ImageThere are a couple of existing rogue hydrangeas and rhododendrons and a compromised weeping pussy willow (TBD if that stays) so I’m assuming it is mostly shade over here during the spring and summer. I’m hoping to, over time, create something that feels more like these gorgeous, lush shade gardens:






workmana10 // flickr



ImageI have loads of hostas from my parent’s old house, so I’m sure they’ll find a home here. Other than that, I don’t have solid plans yet. From the looks of these pictures, it seems I need to start layering some ferns! Ah, I just can’t wait to start hitting up the nurseries! We’ve got a few really great ones nearby.

If you’re in a place that is warm, I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’re in a place still covered in ‘Devil’s Dandruff(seriously, embarrassing and hilarious, SNL), hang in there and just pin greenery like I do when I can’t stand the coldness anymore!


One thought on “Weekly Inspiration: Shade Gardens

  1. Hey, you can also upload a post one day and schedule it for release on a later date. You know, put your Wednesday item in the queue on Monday, for instance.
    Now, back to my own self-imposed …

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