Scenes From the Week

What a week! I sure do miss our living/dining room, but the built-ins to fill that sparse ‘media’ wall are almost complete. They’ll be done by the end of next week! That means we got to move the buffet that was under the TV to the other wall (to be actually used as a buffet). My homework over the weekend is to find pulls for the cabinets. Anyone have a favorite vendor (other than Anthropologie?)


Also this week, in attempt to find gluten-free kid-friendly foods for Edith, I tried two new recipes. This is a big deal primarily because our local take-out places were starting to memorize our orders. In fact, I made dinner every.night.this.week. Go, me! The first, an adaption from Lesley Graham’s recipe for sweet potato muffins. I made two slight modifications – I swapped out the cane sugar for coconut palm sugar and then added 2 TB of chia seeds for extra protein and omegas. These were AMAZING. We all ate them all week. I had to slow Edith down from eating it too fast!


The next recipe, cauliflower crust pizza, is one I’m hesitant to call a success. It wasn’t bad. It was loaded with vegetables. It has melted cheese. Seems like it should be a home run.  I just don’t think I can get behind ‘alternative’ pizza. We’ll see how Edith likes it. If she’s a fan, I’m a fan.

ImageThis weekend the farm will be transformed into a movie set! It’ll be fun to watch and I’m sure I’ll be spending most of the weekend making sure Huck, Stone or Edith don’t make a cameo. Enjoy your weekend!



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