W.I.P. Update: The Living Room Built-ins…so close!

Ooooh how I love built-ins. This is our third house and we’ve installed them in each one. Nothing beats ’em. As you might remember from the initial house tour we started with a very sad, sparse media wall in our living room. It looked a little something like this:


ImageToys everywhere, nothing to scale – it wasn’t all that great for being a ‘great room’.  We did a little furniture hunting to see if we could fill up that wall and we quickly realized anything that would even come close to the size we needed would be way too expensive. So we hired our buddy Mike and worked together to draft a plan for some custom built-ins. It took two weeks total, but they weren’t here all of those days. We picked to match the base trim color for a clean (bright!) look. We’re still styling them and mulling over the knobs, but are so pleased with the outcome!



Love it all! Love the Edith photo cameo, love that toys are concealed and love that we get to use our buffet as an actual buffet in the dining area (you’ll see we also hung our antique yolk!) Ending on an unrelated note – Home Depot has one of my favorite vines, Wandering Jew, on sale for only $5 right now. I scooped up this bad boy along with couple others.


Have a happy Monday!


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