When you can’t plant outdoors…

It is sooo close to prime planting time here in middle Georgia. I’m bursting at the seams to spend days in the sun, raisin’ beds and plantin’ perennials (ain’t nobody got time for annuals this year)

Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet but I had such an itch that needed scratching that I turned indoors to create a centerpiece for our dining table. My love of ferns first started when they were introduced to me by my friend Cabell and I’ve been smitten ever since. I’m not the best at keeping these guys alive, but I’m going to give it an honest effort this time around because I love how the arrangement turned out!

While I was browsing ferns, I came across red shamrocks (or oxalis). They’re amazing and I have no idea why I haven’t heard or seen of them. Have y’all been holding out on me? While called ‘red’, they’re definitely more of a deep purple, with tiny flowers that show up throughout the year. I love the depth and whispy-ness they added to the arrangement AND they’re literally dirt cheap.ImageImage




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