The ‘B’ Word

I know ‘busy’ is the new humblebrag – but good grief have I been busy! Between work, spring cleaning/planting, a friend’s wedding and another friend’s baby shower (oh and being an attentive wife and mother) I feel like every single second of my days are accounted for. In fact, the only reason I can write this post is because I’m waiting for project feedback from a client. Phew. It’s hard to complain because these are all things I want to do. I get to be in special parts of people’s lives all the while creating special parts in my life and THAT is pretty, well, special.

I have so many fun things to post about – what I’ve been planting, our laundry room DIY makeover which is almost complete, what I’ve been eating (I must say I’ve been on quite a roll with cooking dinner each night and about 80% of the time it is delicious), the shower I’ve been helping plan, the wild turkey that can’t seem to take a hint and get out of our yard and some exciting things happening over at Morrow Studio. But, tonight, I just wanted to touch base and share some undoctored iphone photos that capture some sweet snippets of a full and happy life (also because I’m not taking selfies of me crying to my friends on the phone about how stressed out I am…)

The scene every night when Jay makes it home. Pretty much heart melting each and every time.


I just want to freeze time and capture all of her little features. Also, my floors look somewhat clean and that should be documented.


Selfie! I can’t be the only one who absolutely hates that word. I’m a little sensitive about how few pictures I have of Edith and I. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.


This is a new thing of hers. Also, chunk legs.


Another thing of hers? Climbing. on. everything.


5 o’clock somewhere, amiright?Image

Attended my first Seder dinner – beautiful, enlightening, delicious.



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