Easter 2014

Mondays after beautiful holiday weekends are tough, aren’t they?

Yesterday was so gorgeous that we spent almost every drop of it outside with both of our families. We loved getting to host the celebration! To feed the crowd and keep the party outside, we did a low country boil. Soooo good! It was a fabulously low key day. I hope yours was, too!

We kicked off the day with a little Easter basket goodness. Edith got some paintbrushes, a book, a couple little plush toys, some Annie’s fruit snacks and – the big hit – penny filled plastic eggs.


To go along with the boil, I made some lemon cupcakes and little chocolate bird nests (hey, thanks, Pinterest!)


The set up for a low country boil should never be fancy…


Egg huntin’ and yard gamin’


We’ve also been going to a new church, The Parish, and have loved it so much! Egg hunting is a lot more fun than church hunting. If you’re an Atlantan, check it out!


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