Happy 2015, Folks!

Wowzas. 2015! Happy New Year, little blog! The lack of posts aren’t from a lack of activity. It’s a lot of work growing a human!

Did you catch that? That was my sneaky way of sharing that I’m pregnant! We’re pumped. And guess what else? It’s a BOY! A son. Whoa.

I’m not about to sugar coat and say that this pregnancy hasn’t been rough. Lots of sick days. Lots of sick nights. Lots of trying to be thankful through the nausea. I’m about 18 weeks now and starting to feel a whole lot better. Look! I’m even blogging!

November and December were about survival (dramatic much?) but January has brought a sense of purpose along with it. A time of goals, dreams and hopes.

On that note, the farm is getting a TON of little upgrades and updates in the next few months that I can’t wait to document. Chickens! Decks! Furniture! Art! DIYs! It’s essentially an exciting race to get things done before baby comes.

Ready? BREAK!

Oh and here is a little iphone  bathroom #bumpie that I sent to a couple of friends last week. No cute ‘weekly’ pictures for this pregnancy. Sorry, baby #2, I hear that is just the way things go second time around.



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