Well hello!

View More: http://carrietabbphotography.pass.us/jeanetteLike most of you, I’m blessed to wear many hats in my life. The two most recently added are mother and farm owner. This humble blog will serve as a place to document the evolution of our little family and farmhouse (name TBD) as we build, demo, organize and, in more ways than one, grow.

In addition to being a new mama and land owner, I’m a freelance creative director for Morrow Studio and wife to Jay. We have two pups, Stonewall (9-year-old dachshund) and Huckleberry (4-year-old mutt).

A quick note: I promise to be authentic, show life as it is and to keep it honest. Also, if you’re a member of the grammar police, this blog is going to be loaded with fragmented sentences, improper punctuation and other things that will likely make you cringe. Apologies in advance.

Thanks for stopping by!

(I also have a Tumblr for my professional work that I like to post little things to from time to time!)


4 thoughts on “Well hello!

  1. Love your site and all the beautiful inspiration pics! As an artsy mommy of two lil girls, historic farmhouse owner, and blogger I feel a connection to you! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing what you guys work on next!

  2. I know exactly how you feel our little Avonlee Rose was born March 2015 and I still feel like I our renovation of the farmhouse has gone way off schedule. It has been a year now since we had a real kitchen! That should make you feel better about your progress 🙂 You have beautiful babies! I know it is hard to balance family time and projects, but you never have to apologize for soaking up baby time. You take all the time you need 😉

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