Gettin’ Ready for the Girls!

A new little baby boy won’t be the only addition to our farm this year! By the end of next month we hope to have a whole gaggle of little chicks! I am SUPER excited about this. A farm doesn’t feel all too legit without livestock, am I right?

I’ve always dreamed of having hens in my backyard and this felt like the best time to make that happen. While I’ve been researching breeds and chicken care, Jay has been busy getting the girls’ space ready before we bring them home. We’ll have the coop up by the end of next week. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be adorable.

In the meantime, why not share some super dreamy inspiration pics of other backyard chicken farmers:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.48.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.48.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.48.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.49.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.49.30 PMAll images can be sourced on my Farm Living Pinterest board.


Easter 2014

Mondays after beautiful holiday weekends are tough, aren’t they?

Yesterday was so gorgeous that we spent almost every drop of it outside with both of our families. We loved getting to host the celebration! To feed the crowd and keep the party outside, we did a low country boil. Soooo good! It was a fabulously low key day. I hope yours was, too!

We kicked off the day with a little Easter basket goodness. Edith got some paintbrushes, a book, a couple little plush toys, some Annie’s fruit snacks and – the big hit – penny filled plastic eggs.


To go along with the boil, I made some lemon cupcakes and little chocolate bird nests (hey, thanks, Pinterest!)


The set up for a low country boil should never be fancy…


Egg huntin’ and yard gamin’


We’ve also been going to a new church, The Parish, and have loved it so much! Egg hunting is a lot more fun than church hunting. If you’re an Atlantan, check it out!

Let Her Eat Cake…

We had a little par-tay this weekend! Family and some close friends came to celebrate Edith with us and my heart couldn’t have been more full. Her great aunt made her a party dress, she played with cousins and devoured some cake! It was pretty great. I made sugar cookies for the first time as favors – and they were the hardest part of the whole party prep! Overall though, we kept it simple and sweet with lots of pink and white balloons and streamers to make the place festive. For a glitzy touch, I spray painted her monogram for the dessert table and the ‘1’ for the food table. Here are some images from the day!

birthday17birthday2birthday15  birthday4

birthday16 birthday5

birthday14 birthday6birthday12


birthday13 birthday7birthday1birthday10       birthday8birthday9

Weekly Inspiration: Shade Gardens

See what I did there? Wednesday Inspiration is now Weekly Inspiration so I don’t feel so behind for not posting ON Wednesdays. Turns out self imposed deadlines aren’t my thing. Moving right along…

So last week the farm was a land of frozen tundra and a terrifyingly large possum (if you follow my personal Instagram, you would have witnessed me freaking out in real-time). This week, it is sunny with a high in the low 70’s. I can’t keep up. This warmer change for the better has turned my focus outdoors and I can’t stop thinking about the landscape. We obviously won’t do too much in the pastures, but there are a few spots around the house that could use some TLC. One in particular is our little side yard.

ImageThere are a couple of existing rogue hydrangeas and rhododendrons and a compromised weeping pussy willow (TBD if that stays) so I’m assuming it is mostly shade over here during the spring and summer. I’m hoping to, over time, create something that feels more like these gorgeous, lush shade gardens:




workmana10 // flickr


ImageI have loads of hostas from my parent’s old house, so I’m sure they’ll find a home here. Other than that, I don’t have solid plans yet. From the looks of these pictures, it seems I need to start layering some ferns! Ah, I just can’t wait to start hitting up the nurseries! We’ve got a few really great ones nearby.

If you’re in a place that is warm, I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’re in a place still covered in ‘Devil’s Dandruff(seriously, embarrassing and hilarious, SNL), hang in there and just pin greenery like I do when I can’t stand the coldness anymore!

Farmhouse Tour: The Kitchen, Living and Dining Room

Ah, the kitchen. This was obviously a renovation and not part of the original house, but the previous owners did do a great job making sure that it did not lack any character. Copper subway tile, coiffered ceilings and open shelving are a few of the features that make this space so great. The floors are wood, but painted black, which nicely breaks up wood floors between the rooms. The counter tops are copper and a matte black granite. The island is pine…and it’s gotta go. When we first toured the house I was sure it was butcher block, but must have been so googly-eyed that I over looked that it is actually a poorly DIY hunk of pine. I’d love to make it a more workable surface in the coming year. We also didn’t notice until we moved in that it lacks a microwave (kind of a big deal) and an ice maker (not as big of a deal). We got scrappy with the microwave and it’s actually in one of the cabinets until we can hopefully put a permanent one in the new island.

ImageOur dishes were a wedding gift from one of my most special friends, Cabell. I can’t believe how perfectly they match the stained glass inlay on the spice door.

ImageThankfully there is plenty of ‘practical’ storage, allowing me to put some of my favorite serving pieces and treasure on the open shelving.

ImageFun fact: I collect spoons! I love using them as demitasse spoons for coffee (tucked under a cheery Lulie Wallace piece)Image


Beverage nook / wet bar


The kitchen opens up into the dining/living room. This was an addition in 2006, which you can see by the painted brick which is the fireplace. The size and bareness of this room is both exciting and completely daunting. Hopefully some more-to-scale furniture, window treatments and a little more of ‘us’ will make it a cozier room. Still, I love how much light gets poured into this room and it’s already hosted some fabulous gatherings!ImageImageImage

Ugh, this wall. We’ve agreed that our next house project will be built-ins on this sad, sparse wall. That way I can toss toys into it and it’ll give some scale, character and warmth.



The view is the best part – even a semi constructed back deck can’t ruin how peaceful it is.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow we conclude the house tour with the bedrooms!

Farmhouse Tour: The Entryway

Haaaappy most depressing day of the year (seriously, it’s a fact. Kathy Lee and Hoda told me so this morning)! The first full week back to work for you corporate folks. The kids seem to have gotten a belated present by having school cancelled due to freezing temperatures. For me, though, it’s just another (chilly) Monday!

Enough about the frozen tundra that is Georgia, lets go inside!

ImageI thought the entryway should be entitled to its very own post since it is the inspiration for this tiny little blog’s title. Look at all of this board and batten! The feel of this room is exactly how we wanted our new home to feel.

ImageThe room, like most in the house, is still very much a work in progress.


Our ‘family tree’ and a boot tray are all that occupy this lonely wall for the moment.



We have sketches of our previous homes as a nostalgic nod to our short past. This was our very first house in Decatur, Georgia.


Y’all. Get a load of this bench! If you can believe it, this was found (in a sad, dusty condition) in the loft above the stable. Jay whipped up homemade furniture oil (recipe to come) to bring some life back to the wood. We then will just have to reupholster the seats. Love this find!

Hope everyone survives today! Stay bundled up and thanks for stopping by!

Happy 2014!

I’m a huge sucker for New Year’s resolutions. I just love that fresh start feeling – so full of hope, promise and ambition. I don’t even care about the statistic that 9 out of 10 people will bail on their promises by mid January. I still make resolutions, year after year, with the same wide-eyed excitement and intent.

And on that note, you’re reading one of my resolutions! Life has been moving so fast and it is so precious that I’m resolving to document it a little better. 2013 was a doozy for Jay and I. We became parents to Edith and then snatched up our dream house, an 1870’s farmhouse just north of the city, a couple of months ago. We’re definitely learning as we go, but we thought it would be fun to watch the progression of it all, one post at a time.

So, come along with us! I’ll primarily be posting about projects we do around the house, but will toss in a little life and family for good measure.

I’ll be kicking things off with a house tour to show our baseline. In the meantime, stick to those resolutions of yours! And should we not see each other again after mid January, check back in a year and maybe I will have started another blog 🙂


Here we are! From left: Edith, Me!, Huckleberry, Jay and Stonewall. Photo by Carrie Tabb